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A Narrow band of winds greater than 57 miles per hours in the upper atmosphere.
A Large rotating storm with very low air pressure that begins over warm ocean waters.
TThe directional winds that usually occur in a region.
The transfer of energy by the circular movement of a liquid or gas.
A Large body of air with relatively uniform characteristics.
IInstrument used to measure wind speed.
AAir pressure associated with falling air,fair skies,dry conditions.
TThe spectrum of waves from gamma rays to radio waves that can travel without a medium. All of them travel at the speed of light.
A Large system of rotating ocean currants.
Instrument that measures air pressure.
Gases like methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that trap heat in the earth.
AIr pressure associated with rising air, cloudy skies and rainy conditions.
The transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.
TThe gases that surround the earth.
The warming of the earth caused by gases in the atmosphere trapping heat.
A Warm ocean current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic to the coast of Europe.
TThe boundaries between two air masses.
The transfer of energy by direct contact.
TThe gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth.
A Measure of the amount of water vapor in the air.
Instrument used to measures humidity.
AA measure of the amount of pressure being exerted on a location by the atomsphere.
TThe amount of matter in a given space or volume. Mass divided by volume.