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LAW 201 Tut, ONT 206 (Sobel Weston, Chance Spencer, Eric Thibaudeau, Ian Jonson, Sam Stock, Emily Vassos

Teacher: Professor Mary-Jo Maur
What do people do instead of going to trial?
If you have an issue with an other person it would be a BLANK case.
Ontario family law rules
Can't easily be changed
Commonly accepted practices
Refers to specific subject areas over which the federal Parliament and the provincial legislatures have been assigned authority
A lawyers obligation to provide services that meet the standard a reasonably skilled lawyer is the duty of BLANK?
Mary Jo Maur
Draft version of a proposed new statute.
Primary source of legislation
Sets out law regarding property, spousal, etc.
Two words that outline a legal relationship between state and individual
Two words that treat cases that are alike should be treated alike.
Highest level of court
Outline for a case brief