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Constitutional Law (Matt Graves, Madison Hahn)

Teacher: Professor Mary-Jo Maur
______ Analysis means laws must lie in the jurisdiction of the enacting government to be considered valid
Constitutional __________ are not a part of the constitution, but are important to help us understand the constitution; federalism, democracy, protection of minorities
This branch of government represents the elected House of Commons and appointed senate at the federal level, and the elected legislatures at the provincial level; have the constitutional authority to make laws in the form of legislation
This branch is responsible for Interpreting and enforcing the law, and resolving disputes about the law and constitution
The constitutional law is ________ law, meaning laws that conflict with the constitution are not enforceable
A law is considered to be ______ (2 words), when it is outside the constitutional power of the government that tried to enact it.
Constitutional _____________ are accepted, regular and established practices in relation to the constitution and cannot be enforced by judicial systems; it is convention for the Governor General to not exercise their power to withhold Royal Assent
This branch represents government officials, such as the Prime Minister, provincial premiers, appointed ministers; and administers the laws of the legislative branch