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Law Lecture 3 (Hayley / Daman B)

Teacher: Professor Mary-Jo Maur
Matters that aren't specifically delegated to any head of power, usually local or private in nature.
Cannot be easily changed, an example of this is the Constitution.
A legal doctrine used to determine which head of power a legislation falls under.
Consists of Written Acts, Additional Entrenched Statutes and Unwritten Elements.
When a piece of legislation (or charter) is difficult to amend.
The 'GG' in POGG, Peace, Order, and ____ __________?
Allows for both provincial and federal govt. to create laws on the same subject matter.
A test used to determine if a law that contradicts the charter is worth the limitation of CHRF.
During a conflict between Federal and Provincial laws, Fed. can invoke this rule to take priority over Prov. until it is amended.
This is used to describe acts outside of one's jurisdiction (i.e. Federal, Provincial)