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Author: Tamatha Alaniz
Most contracts are primarily governed by states common law, including contracts involving employment services, insurance, real property, patents, and copyrights.
The transfer of title from seller to buyer.
Intentional infliction of apprehension of immediate bodily harm or offensive contact.
Study of what is right or good for human beings.
Making threats to obtain property.
Injury of a persons reputation by publication of false statements.
Statements issued by an administrative agency indicating its construction of its governing statue.
To bring a criminal proceedings.
Serious crime
Moral actions are those that produce the greatest net pleasure compared with net pain.
Less serious crime.
Study of what is right and good in a business setting.
Includes real property, personal property, and certain benefits conferred by government.
Publication of false statements resulting in harm to another's monetary interests.
Set aside the lower court's judgment.
Criminal intent or mental fault.
A corporation is subject to less public accountability them public bodies.
Governing power is divided between the federal government and the states.
Wrongful or overt act
The power of a government to take private property for public use upon payment of fair compensation.
The business of business should return as much money as possible to shareholders.
Liability for non intentional or non negligence (duty of care and breach.)
A final disposition made by an agency.
Ability of individuals to engage in freedom of action and choice regarding their personal lives.
Not to injure intentionally.
Uphold the lower courts judgment.
Authority of a court to hear and decide a case.
A civil wrong causing injury to a person, their property, or their economic interests.
Land and anything attached to it.
Tangible personal property.
Is the obligation the law imposes upon a person to perform or to refrain from preforming a certain act.
Decision of a court of equity.
Defamation communicated by writing, television, radio, or the like.
To begin a law suit in court.
Agency statement of a general or particular applicability designed to implement, interpret, or process law or policy.