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General Bible Knowledge 4

Who was Isaac's father? (Gen. 21:3)
What mountain did Noah and his family leave the ark after the flood? (Gen. 8: 4)
What special day was it when the believers were filled and baptised with the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:1-4)
Who said, "Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go"? (Exodus 5:2)
What does Christ give to those who follow him? (John 10: 27-28)
Who was king Ahab's wife? (1 Kings 16:31)
What is the name of the pool in Jersusalem where Jesus healed a disabled man? (John 5: 2-8)
Who was worthy to open the book and loose the seals? (Rev. 6:1)
What was the name given to Jesus that meant, "God with us"? (Matt. 1:23)
Who prayed for Saul that he would receive his sight? (Acts 9: 17-18)
Who was the oldest man that ever lived? (Gen. 5: 27)
Who was silenced by the angel Gabriel because he did not believe he was going to have a son? (Luke 1: 18-20)
Who caused John the baptist to be put in prison by herod? (Matt. 14:3)
What city did king Solomon get cedar trees from to build the temple? (1 Kings 5:6)
Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus at the gate of what city? (Mark 10:46)
During the passover, what was left out of the bread? (Exodus 12:15)