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The opposite meaning of a word.
Poems that are broken up into groups of lines or paragraphs.
The central idea or meaning of a story.
An affix added at the beginning of a root word.
A special group of letters that is added before or after a root.
The use of words that sound like what they mean.
It means the same.
The pattern of rhymes in a poem.
The first part of the line all start with the letter s.
Written conversation between two or more characters.
The author's reason for writing. (PIE)
Words that are spelled the same but have more than one meaning.
An educated guess based on available facts and details.
A type of rhyme that occurs within a line of poetry.
An affix added at the end of a root word.
A poem in which some of the verses end with the same sound.
The basic word part that another word is made from.
You look at how things are different.
You look at things that are alike.
What the paragraph is mostly about.
Something that can be proven true.
A statement that cannot be proven