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Georgia in the 20th Century

Teacher: Mrs. Nobles
Built a plant in Marrieta, Georgia to produce the B-29 bombers.
Combined force of Germany, Japan, and Italy in WW2.
Destructive insect that destroyed two-thirds of Georgia's cotton crops.
Lending of supplies to any country, whose defense was critical to the U.S security.
Opposed the New Deal and served 3 times as commissioner.
Paid people not to grow certain crop because many crops were overproduced.
U.S dropped atomic bombs on these two cities in Japan.
Provided ideal naval yards for the construction of war ships.
Leader of Germany during WW2.
Longest period of high unemployment and low economic activity in modern history.
President during the Great Depression, created the New Deal, had polio, and spent a lot of his time in Warm Springs, GA.
Presented by FDR to help bring an end to the Great Depression.
Great Britain, France, Soviet Union and later the United States.
Triggered the collapse of banks, failure of businesses, and the beginning of the Great Depression.
Created insurance through contributions made by employees and their employers for the disabled, elderly, and retired
Offered low-interest loans to organizations to build power lines in rural areas.
What country bombed Pearl Harbor?