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Let it Snow

By: SnowTapp
Downhill or crosscountry
Keeps your soup and coffee warm
No two are alike
Neck warmer
Frozen water drips
Winter battle
Gloves without divisions
Wrapped up warm by the fire
Down-filled blanket
Keeps your toes toasty in bed
Solid form of H20
Precipitation in the form of ice balls
Do you want to build a ________?
Centuries old layer of dense ice, that moves under its own weight
Latest Disney princess movie
Used for Walking on top of the snow
Blades on ice
Don't _____ metal poles
Warms up the room
Leather driving
Used to knit the warmest socks
Coat with fur around your face
The snow ______ in the sun
Classic Canadian sport
For shovelling when your back is out
Opposite of warm
Waffel suit beneath your clothes
AKA Sledding
Children drink
Grandma sewed me a patchwork ______
Warms your buns in the car
Winter break from school
Trying to catch dinner through a hole in the pond
Winter hat
For clearing the windshield
Keep your listeners warm
Greats spot to curl up with a good book
Ugly Christmas _____
Wore a magic top hat