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Weather 2

Author: WLD
A seismic sea wave
A discrete quantity of energy that can be thought of as a packet of electromagnetic radiation traveling at the speed of light
A layer of soil beneath the earth's surface that remains frozen throughout the year
An intense, rotating column of air that protrudes from a cumulonimbus cloud in the shape of a funnel or a rope and touches the ground
A severe weather condition characterized by low temperatures and strong winds bearing a great amount of snow
An instrument used to determine wind direction
Departures of temperature, precipitation, or other weather elements from long-term averages
Immediate surroundings
The study of the atmosphere and atmospheric phenomena as well as the atmosphere's interaction with the earth's surface, oceans, and life in general
An intense columnar vortex usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water
A severe tropical cyclone having winds in excess of 64 knots
Very thin fog in which visibility is greater than 1.0 km
A refraction phenomenon that makes an object appear to be displaced from its true position
A hurricane that forms in the western Pacific Ocean
Energy that a body possesses by virtue of its position with respect to other bodies in the field of gravity
Energy of an object that it possesses due to its motion
The greatest distance an observer can see and identify prominent objects
An instrument designed to measure wind speed
A visible electrical discharge produced by thunderstorms
The percent of radiation returning from a surface compared to that which strikes it