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RH Modern Education with Rudy Van Thiel

Puzzle Type: Educational
Our Artisan's: Kathy Marks
The handles on the Machinto cabinets are brass-plated aluminum, instead of_______.
Which dining table takes up to 40 man- hours to make?
The Van Thiels pride themselves in ________in every detail.
The Paldao veneers used on several of the Van Thiel collections are quarter sawn & supplied by the same vendor who supplies for __________?
Known as one of the best hardware companies in the world?
The Van Thiels worked in partnership with this Artisan, on three RH modern Sofa collections?
What pieces contain marine grade plywood and stainless steel?
Bronze metals ARE a live finish, so will_______over time?
All the Van Thiels veneers are resting on solid hardwoods. Most of these hardwoods are _________?
Cabinets & sideboards contain these, to ensure doors and hardware align properly.
A material that originated in ancient Asia?
This entire collection is sandblasted and blowtorched to remove fine hairs from the wood.
Van Thiel brass finishes have the look of a _______ finish?