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Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

First four books of the New Testament
"father" of three religions
Type of Muslim
Promised Land
Muslim holy city
A gospel
Belief in one god
Christian name of Creator
Holy City of Jews, Christians, Muslims
Jewish name for God
Muslim name for God
A gospel
One who follows Christ
Must face east in a mosque
Five Muslim foundations of Faith
Son of God in Christianity
First major king to unite Israel
A Gospel
Ten Commandments
Jewish place of worship
Set of Jewish laws
Muslims' holy book
Birthplace of Mohammed; a second Muslim holy city
Being submissive to God
Wise king
Christian place of worship
A gospel
First five books of the Old Testament
Christians' holy book
Angel appearing to Mohammed
Communing with God
Pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims
One who submits
Islamic place of worship
A type of Muslim