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Sociology of Families- Ch 3

Instructor: T Esguerra
Occupational sex ___________ is the concentration of men and women in different occupations which has grown out of traditional gender roles.
____________ is a blend of traits that are stereotypically associated with masculinity and femininity.
Gender role ________ are the beliefs about the proper role relationships between women and men in a society.
_________ refers to a person of one biological sex who displays characteristics of the other sex.
___________ is the process through which we learn attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors appropriate to the social positions we occupy.
Gender _________ is the psychological state of viewing oneself as a girl or a boy, and later as a woman or a man.
_________ is an attitude, action, or institutional structure that subordinates or discriminates against individuals or groups because of their sex.
________ investment is any venture by a parent that increases the offspring's chance of surviving and thus increases reproductive success of the adult.
________ is biological explanations for social behavior.
_________ in Samoan society, are biological males who are reared as females.
_______ is a social construct referring to the social psychological characteristics associated with being female or male.
________are defined by biological constraints and can be enacted by members of one biological sex only.
_________focused on the role of social learning in the development of gender roles in her study of three cultures.
Gender role ________ is the abandoning of gender frameworks and looking at phenomena independent of traditional gender categories.
______ theory suggests that social behaviors are biologically based and have an evolutionary survival function.