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Chapter 1 : The Nature of Art

Teacher: Mrs. Lawrence
African American Artist known for collage artwork and mosaics
Artwork that might teach illiterate people a bible story in church
Envelope used by Native American nomads
Palace and gardens built by King Louis the XIV of France
Used to slash a painting done by Newman in a museum in Amsterdam
Particular material selected with a technique by an artist
Dutch artist known for many self-portraits
Structure created in England around 2000 BC most likely for worship or ritual
Visual expression of an idea or experience formed with skill through the use of a medium
Painting done by Barnett Newman to inspire through his use of intense blue paint
Location of the stained glass window called The Tree of Jesse
Art done to right a wrong is society is based upon one of these
Painter of The Disasters of War, NO. 18 Bury Them and Say Nothing, 1818.
Temporary artwork done to symbolize the impermance of life
Palace in Spain containing fantastic mosaic tile panels