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6th Grade Computer Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Nelson
a group of computers connected together
a slot to plug in devices
a program that gives you access to the internet
a magnetic disk, inside the CPU, that stores data
the main circuit board inside a computer
the brains of the computer where all the data is processed
the main computer that manages data and programs used in a network of computers
a single document on the Web
devices outside of the CPU like the keyboard, mouse and monitor
the physical parts of a computer
a saved shortcut that takes you to a specific webpage
a network that links millions of computers around the world
programs (directions) used to operate computers
a website address
the area of a browser where you type search terms (may be combined with address bar on some browsers)
the short term memory of the computer
the area of a browser where you put in the URL of a website
the starting point or front page of a Web site or browser
a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to take you somewhere else on the Internet.
a collection of related pages on the Web
the long-term memory of the computer