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4.7A Properties of Soil

Teacher: Orth
How it fees.
Magma cooled slowly.
Common local sedimentary rock.
Large grains with few nutrients.
Another name for topsoil.
Another word for humus.
Eroded material dropped in a new place.
Rocks formed by tiny sediments pressed together.
No place for a corn plant.
Nonliving, solid matter from the Earth.
Igneous rock, aka volcanic glass.
Dense, fine grained soil that holds water well.
Metamorphic rock from sandstone.
How hard it is.
How it reflects light.
Comparative size of silt. 2 words
Igneous rock that floats.
Comparative size of gravel.
Living or once living materials.
Small pieces of rocks and pebbles.
Loose, medium grain soil.
Sedimentary rock from beaches or dunes.
Not nutrient for a corn plant.
Rocks formed by heat and pressure.
Nonliving materials.
Lava cooled quickly.
Comparative size of clay.
To hold or keep.
Soil that is a mixture and is dark and rich.
Dead and decaying plant and animal matter.
Comparative size of sand.
Rocks formed by melting and cooling.
Minerals can have several or even change.