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New England Renaissance

Teacher: Mrs. Salata
Writers of the darker vision felt that life was _________ and always would be.
"The Chambered Nautilus" is a poem that is a reflection on the life cycle of a sea ________.
Reverend Hooper's fiance who chooses to leave him when he refuses to remove his veil.
Holmes speaks of temples that shut us from Heaven as a way of telling his reader to live in the present, not the _________.
Holmes uses _________ to accomplish his goal in "Old Ironsides".
The speaker in "A Psalm of Life" wants to leave his _______ on the world.
Hawthorne believed that the American romance was not faithful to _________.
Melville tells his reader in "Misgivings" that the storm we feel now is going to be followed by ________ _______.
In "Old Ironsides" the poet is writing to save the ____________.
Thoreau, in his poem, states that he wants to _________ his friends and be what God wants him to be.
Reverend Hooper gets the attention of his congregation by coming to the weekly sermon wearing a black _______.
In Melville's "Misgivings" he focuses on the harsh and __________ side of nature.
The pale faces of the congregation as they watched their minister behind his veil symbolized the ________ associated with sin and wrong doing.
The black veil represents the ___________ between the reverend and his ordinary life.
The one desirable effect of the veil was that it made its wearer a very __________ clergyman.
Both "Psalm of Life" and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" share the common element of ________.
Rev. Hooper's life changes drastically as a result of wearing the veil. He is sad, _________, and isolated.
The subject of the sermon Rev. Hooper gives when he first puts on his veil is about ________ _________.
Successful and well respected doctor who had a second career in literature.
Writers if the darker vision thought that nature was ____________ rather than the source of insight and answers.
This author felt that life was nothing but a compromise that more often than not ended in disappointment.
"Psalm of Life" and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" are different in relation to the _______.
The Fireside Poets wrote poems that were easy to read which helped poetry become __________.
Writers of the darker vision felt that evil and ________ needed to be accounted for and therefore wrote about it.
Rev. Hooper tells Elizabeth that the black veil is a _________ that he is bound to wear in light and darkness.
Both "Psalm of Life" and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" share the common element of _________ ________.
Best known of the Fireside poets.
Rev. Hooper states on his deathbed that man must _______ their inmost heart to their friend, lover and Creator if they are to live in peace and community with others.
"Psalm of Life" and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" are different in relation to the ____________.
The focus on the __________ of the sea mollusk emphasizes the importance of leaving the past behind to live in the present.
Worked as a surveyor for the port of Salem and as US consul in England; considered the greatest of the classic American writers.
"And the tide rises, the tide falls" represents the passing of ______.
In Thoreau's poem "Great God, I Ask Thee for no Meaner Pelf" he says that he wishes to _________ as much as he is able, as much as he can see.