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Valentine's Day 2016

What shoe size am i?
What is my favorite drink?
What actor do i have a crush on?
Who is my favorite football player?
Where did we stop for your bathroom emergency in Myrtle Beach?
What teacher do I dislike the most?
What is my license plate?
What color are my moms eyes?
Whats my favorite subject?
What was the name of our tour guide on the jeep safari tour in Myrtle Beach?
What is my favorite book?
What nickname does my dad call me?
How many piercings do i have?
What is my favorite doughnut?
What month did we start dating?
Is my mom an old bar stool or a diamond ring?
What was my favorite thing to eat in Cancun?
Who's my favorite teacher?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is my uncles name who only comes around at thanksgiving?
What was the first meal we ate at your house?
What is my favorite hobby?
What month is my dads birthday in?
Where is my favorite place to eat?
What is my moms nickname?
Who is my favorite actor?
Where was the first place we ate at together?
What did we get to hold in Cancun?
Where was our first date?
What do I plan to study in college?
What color was the first dress I wore to a dance?
What is jordan's nickname?
What color are my dads eyes?
What nickname does my mom call me?
What bird did the tour guide make you look for in the binoculars?
What is my favorite genre of music?
Who is my favorite baseball player?
What is my favorite chocolate bar?
Where is my favorite place to go in Myrtle Beach?
What was the name of the ghost at the cemetery in Myrtle Beach?
What chore do i hate doing most?
Where were we going when you got pulled over by the police?
What is my favorite color?
What month did we start talking?
What is my favorite TV channel?