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Abigail's Spelling List

an independent institution offering a course of general studies leading to a bachelor's degree
favorable results that come partly by chance cul
to demand proof that something is right or legal
a first letter of a name
a device or room for keeping articles (as food) cool
the act of catching or gaining control by force or trickery
the fact of being in a better position or condition
a large impressive residence
of great value or high price
a substance or preparation used in treating disease
a liquid preparation for use as a cosmetic or as a medicine on the outside of the body
great natural ability : a very gifted person
Trustworthy, straightforward
to keep with care and affection
something asked
not hasty or reckless
improvement of the mind, tastes, and manners through careful training
common to many
the tallest of living four-footed animals
vivid picture created by the imagination
a change that makes something right
a period during which activity (as of a school) is stopped for a time
a scene or state of disorder or confusion
to select freely and after consideration
a jointed piece on which a door, lid, or other swinging part turns