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Health Psychology 1

Puzzle Type: Educational
Professor: Steven Schmidt
Represents the number of new cases of a disease or condition during a specific period
In an experimental design, this variable is the outcome
This traditional model of health is common in the medical community
After heart disease, this is the leading cause of death today.
The final stage of the Transtheoretical Model
This current model of health views health as a positive condition
These types of theories use a single set of factors to explain adherence
The R in RCT
The Health Belief Model focuses on the ______ of susceptibility, severity, benefits, and barriers
This research design allows researchers to draw cause and effect conclusions
This type of risk is a person’s chances of developing a disease independent of anything else
Adverse effect that occurs when a placebo is given
Correlations have two components: Strength and _____
Type of disease that was leading cause of death in 1900s
Type of research design that looks at the relationship between two variables
The Theory of Planned Behavior focuses on ______ which predicts behavior
These strategies for improving adherence focus on increasing knowledge
Compliance behavior involving ability and willingness
A set of related assumptions that can be used to formulate testable hypotheses
Inactive substance or condition that has the appearance of an active treatment