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The Lightning Thief: Vocabulary(kleptomaniac-laurels)

Ashley Byers: Ashley Byers
To be annoyed.
Honors for achievement.
Someone who is drunk.
To have someone to be sick or throw up.
A strong fragrance worn by men.
Someone who likes to steal.
Destroy by burning;reduced by ash.
A fake name someone uses.
Small bunch of hair.
A bus station where people board buses.
Subject to death; transitory life.
Stimulated or to pretend.
Not lasting, enduring, or permanent.
A clear image
A 3D, see through image of an object.
An original form or shape.
Equator; altitude
Guilty of an offense.
A large instrument used to cut things.
A colorful, pearly shell, also used for an ornament.
A strong unpleasant odor.
A portion of a wall that encloses a pitched roof.