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cell and microscope part crossword

Teacher: zach
Turns the light on and off
Contains mirrors and allows the body tube to move 360
Controls movement
Stores cell DNA
Created celluar pathology
Supports the microscope and contains the eletronics
These collecr and safley break down chemicals
Makes protien for the cell
Conducts photosenthesis
This cell part produces energy
You should hold the microscope with this part
This cell part helps digest food
Comtrols movement of materials in a nucleas
Created the cell theory
Shines light to the specimen
Begin the study of cells
Organizes chromosones
Small vessel helps store transport
Found plant cells
Passes light from the eyepiece
A complex of vesicles and folded membranes
Contains all of the information for the cell
A thick solution that fills each cell
Stregthens cells and mantains shape
A device used to see very small objects
Holds microscope slide in place
Controls what comes in and out of a cell
Used to control light that gets tot the specimen
This cell part makes membrane protien
Helps with movement
Seperates chromosones
In a microscope you look through this to see
They store food in sotrage bubbles
The basic unit of all living things
Produces magnification
See the specimen better by shining a bright light through it