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Seedless Plants

Transports the sugary products of photosynthesis through plant body
Examples of this green algae are spirogyra and oedogonium
Multicellular and aquatic plants
What marine algae are often referred to as
Essential pigment molecule for making glucose
Scientific name for for green algae
A green algae made out of dozens of cells, this green algae is..
Grows from the zygote and produces spores
Embryo grows into a young frond called a...
What buoyant algaes have instead of leaves
What does a sporophyte produce asexually
Cell walls are made of...
Specialized openings in ferns
Results from the germination of spores and produces gametes
Accessory pigment in red algae
Unicellular egg shaped green algae have two of them
A specialized development anchoring the plant with a holdfast
Chlamydomonas lacks cellulose in its cell walls. This facilitates two small contractible ...
Comprises the brown Algae
Contains chlorophyll-A and C as well as an accessory pigment
Anchoring devices used by algae
Stem like structures of buoyant algaes
Root-like structures in mosses
Mosses are members of phylum...