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Newton's Law

Name:: Crystal Brewer
A force that slows down moving things
The strength of energy that moves an object
The tendency of an object to resist change in the direction or speed of its motion
The act of going from one place to another; movement
The movement of energy from one object to another or the change of energy from one form to another
The energy that a moving body has because of its motion
To press upon or against (a thing) with force in order to move it away
Newton's _____ Law is that for every action in one direction an equal force acts in the opposite direction
Newton's _____ Law is an object at rest will stay at rest
Sandpaper and wood is an example of this kind of friction
The energy a body has because of its position, electrical charge, or structure; stored energy
If you are waiting in line and someone bumps into you your motion will change _____
Newton's _____ Law is the object that will require the most force to change its direction will be the object with the greatest mass and fastest speed
A force that pushes and pulls certain metals
Airplane is an example of this kind of friction
The strength or force that keeps something moving
The force that pulls things towards the center of Earth and other objects that have mass
To draw or tug at with force
Forces of magnetism and electricity are _____ because magnets can produce electricity, and electricity can turn some metals into magnets
_____ Laws of Motion are rules that describe how all objects in the universe move