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Sociology of Families - Ch 8- Communication

Instructor: T Esguerra
______ is expecting a close other's indulgence when one behaves inappropriately.
__________ is going out on a different limb of an issue rather than staying focused on the issue.
Julia felt guilty that she had become intimately involved with Ricardo after a month of dating. She convinced herself that it must be that she had fallen in love quickly with him and that is why she was intimate with him. This is an example of ____________.
Burke-Winkelman et al. (2014) reported that 65% of 1,652 undergraduates participated in ________.
The _______ ___ __________ _____________ is when the person who has the least interest in the relationship controls the relationship.
This is the simultaneous denial of and avoidance of dealing with a problem.
________ refers to when a person makes up an online identity and an entire social facade to trick another person into becoming involved in an emotional relationship.
Gottman (1994) identified destructive communication patterns to avoid which he labeled as "the four horsemen of the _________".
The process of exchanging information and feelings between two or more people.
_ _________ are words that reflect the thoughts and feelings of the communicator without being judgmental.
This is when a person is speaking and acting in a manner according to what one feels.
____________ __________ is paraphrasing or restating what the person has said to you while being sensitive to what the partner is feeling.
"You only think about what you want." This is an example of a _________ statement.
________ is when an individual is dependent on virtual environments to the point of having a social phobia.
________ is shifting your feelings, thoughts, or behaviors from the person who evokes them onto someone else.
In a study of 431 undergraduates, Easterling et,al. (2012) found that _________ kept more secrets.
Jackie smiled and embraced her partner, stating "okay, you're right." This is an example of a ___________ message.
________ is a frequent issue over which couples conflict.
_____-_________ is when a person reveals personal information and feelings about oneself to another person.
The ___-_____ relationship is one in which conflict is resolved so that each partner derives benefits from the resolution.