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Civil War

Author: Shawna Klosterman
The union claimed victory at the battle of ________.
This person was the confederate President _________ Davis
A goal of the south was to _____ the union
This was one of the results of the civil war- it ended_______.
This was one of Lincolns goals when he got reelected
This battle showed both sides they needed more training and that the war was going to be long and bloody
This battle was one of the unions worst defeats
This was one of the bloodiest battles that the union had won
Lincoln Gave this speech after the war ended
The union used this to cut of the supply of goods to the confederates
Who won the Civil War
what river did the union take control over
This state was with the confederacy
Lincoln declared this law
The union lost the battle of ____________.
This state was with the union
Another goal of the North was to ____ the union.
This is where Lee surrendered to Grant
These People wanted to end slavery
This was Lincolns other goal when he got reelected