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Plants of Hawaii

Teacher: Margo/Manoa Heritage Center
This low vine-like plant has a root that is good to eat.
It takes hundreds of the little yellow flowers to make a lei
This tall tree has nuts you can eat and drink. Brought by Polynesians
The little half-flower tells a story of two lovers who were separated
Stems and roots can make a mixture that stuns fish
The bright red or yellow flower is sacred to Laka, hula goddess
This is the Hawaii state tree, big and beautiful. The little nuts are oily.
This delicate fern makes lovely head lei for dancers
The leaves are very useful for wrapping food and making lei and rope
The dried leaves make a good healthy tea to drink
This has big round fruit that tastes like a potato when baked
The tubers under the ground are cooked to make delicious food. A most important plant with heart-shaped leaves
My long leaves are used to weave mats and baskets