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The Civil War Era

Author: Max Grant
A sea front in Charleston, South Carolina and was the site of the first shots of the Civil War
A place where weapons and other military supplies are manufactured and stored
A confederate general during the Civil War
An invention which made cleaning cotton faster than hand piking
A long barreled gun
A large heavy piece of artillery
A system of transmitting messages
A bunch of cannons and large guns
Was a white American abolitionist who believed that going into war was the only way to abolish slavery
The battle flag representing the South "side" in the Civil War
To lie in wait for an unexpected attack
A rapid fire, crank driven machine gun used in the Civil War
Was a Confederate fort during the Civil War and was located in Wilmington, North Carolina
A long knife attached on the end of a gun
A pistol with revolving chambers
Soldiers riding on horses
The North "side" fighting in the Civil War
When humans are treated as property and are forced to work for other people
Was an African American abolitionist, who helped free 300 slaves, known as the conductor of the Underground Railroad
The act of sealing off places