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Grammar Terms to Know

Sister Basimah & Sadlier: Sister Basimah & Sadlier Vocab Unit 2 Book C
A more forceful version of a declarative sentence, marked at the end with an exclamation mark
Expresses actions in the past
Type of end punctuation that expresses a sense of urgency or very strong emotion
Type of end punctuation that terminates a sentence that makes a statement
Used to demonstrate or indicate specific things like this, that, these and those
Names a specific person, place or thing
Modifies a noun or pronoun
The word used for a group of people or things
Asserts something about the subject of the sentence and expresses actions, events, or states of being
Expresses emotion and has no grammitcal relation to the rester of the sentence
Can replace a noun with words like "she", "he", or "it"
Used to indicate who owns something
Type of end punctuation that would be used to ask a direct question
States a fact or argument, without requiring either an answer or action from the reader
Word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, or abstract idea
Express actions happening now
A single adjective comprising more than one word, often hyphenated
Express actions in the future
Modifies a verb, an adjective, another adverb, a phrase, or a clause