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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Prefix port means "carry"

Teacher: Mrs. R
I can take my IPod with me wherever I go because it is ____________.
The ________ is very busy with ships arriving to bring products from other countries.
The artist used a _____________ to carry her beautiful works of art.
After that really hard test, I wish I could find a ________ and escape to an imaginary world!
A house needs a strong foundation to _________ the weight of the structure.
A small car will never be able to _________ all that lumber to the other side of town.
Oil is a product that we ___________ into the United States. The United States buys oil from other countries.
Medicine is a product that we _______ from the United States. The United States sells medicines to other countries.
At the hotel, my dad found a ________ to carry our luggage.