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Vocabulary List 15

Teacher: T. Read
In the interest of __________, the teacher only covered the basic material, for she was not sure there was enough time to cover everything.
The young man was __________ to speak up due to his fear that the accusations would be directed at him.
Speak pompously or dogmatically
Dignified, correct behavior
Make a mistake
No longer valid
The old lady was __________ at knitting, often making sweaters for all of her grandchildren.
The protesters tried to ________ the demolition of the historic building by filing lawsuits and staging rallies at the site.
Being brief
Much of the technology used in Coach Read’s youth, like the abacus and the sundial, are now considered __________.
After the jury’s decision was announced, the judge took a few minutes to __________ on the dangers of entering a life of crime.
Restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
Stream of verbal abuse
The young lady carried herself with the dignity and __________ not often displayed by someone of her age.
Do not ________ by thinking that you can pass this class without completing your assignments.
The city’s homeless community was the recipient of society’s __________ during the holiday season, as many food items and large amounts of money were donated to shelters.
After a five-minute __________ about coming to class on time, the teacher finally sat down and let the students begin the assignment.