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The Spanish Colonies

Teacher: squigley
A Spanish word for town
Which country was the first to build a permanent European settlement in the US?
European nations competed for _____ over land.
A large house or ranch
A priest who spoke out against slavery.
A fort used to protect borderlands
A large farm
Holding people against their will to work without pay.
The colony of ___ Spain was formed in 1535.
Primarilly , soldiers and ____ established settlements along the borderlands.
To change one's belief system to another.
Land ruled by another country
The main function of Spanish borderlands was to ____ Spanish land claims.
St. ___ was the first permanent European settlement.
Land on the edge of claimed land.
The colonists introduced _____ and sheep to the Native Americans
A religions settlement to convert natives and protect borders.
Pedro Mendendez _____ helped establish the settlement at St. Augustine, Florida
Bartolome Las ____ freed his slaves and spoke our for better treatment of Native Americans.
Colonists settled in America in hopes of getting ____.