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4.2 The Virginia Colony

Teacher: squigley
The first permanent English settlement in the Americas.
John ______ was an English settler who led the second group that settled on Roanoke Island.
Known as England's lost colony, _______ island was located near Virginia.
The lawmaking branch of a government.
A royal _______ was ruled directly by a monarchy.
John ______ was a Jamestown settler who introduced a new form of tobacco that led to great profits.
To speak for.
An indentured ________ is a person who agrees to work for another person without pay in exchange for passage to North America.
A _______ crop is what farmers grow to sell to others.
Sir Walter _____ was an English settler who helped set up England's first colony in North America, on Roanoke Island.
Queen _______ ruled England from 1558 to 1603.
Part ownership in a business
The money left over after all costs have been paid.
Daughter of Chief Powhatan.
Raw ______ can be used to make a product.
John ______ was an English explorer and leader of the Jamestown settlement.