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Lessons 6-10: Drop --e, Prefix pre--, Suffixes --able, --ed, --er, --ness

Spelling Mastery Level C - Lesson 51: Teacher: Gemma Keremedjiev
Leather jackets are really not my ___.
He ___ me start my car when my battery died.
Sometimes the ___ bananas are too sweet and mushy.
Many diseases today are ___, which helps people to live longer.
Lots of people ___ their jeans before they wear them.
Let's bring our ___ picnic basket with us to the beach.
Morphograph meaning "that which is"
Did you hear that ___ calling from the road?
I ran without stretching, and that is the cause of my ___.
She painted with the brightest colors to give her painting a feeling of ___.
This ___ band will help keep our books together.
I can't ___ you because I don't have the information you need.
We will ___ the retiring School Nurse with a gift.
May I borrow your cell phone ___?
Morphograph meaning "in the past"
In class today, my teacher was ___ a famous historian.
Can you draw a ___ line without a ruler?
If you make a good ___, you'll have a good outcome.
Could you repeat the question?
You will live ___ if you exercise and eat properly.
Morphograph meaning "before"
We ___ all of the socks, but it took us awhile to match them up!
When it snows, the ___ in my neighborhood is very peaceful.
Morphograph meaning "can be"
Could you paint me a ___ like the one you did for your living room?
I never go to the dry cleaners, because all of my clothes are ___.
She ___ so well to directions that she was asked to assist the leader of the group.
The director did all of the ___ for the play so the actors knew how to move on stage.
It's a good idea to ___ a book before reading it all the way through.
Morphograph meaning "more" or "one who"
Every ___ worries about whether there will be a good crop.
___ is a real danger if you laugh or talk while chewing your food.