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Algebra Crossword Study guide

Elijah Meert: Math Lit page 137-138
Coordinate System comprised of two number lines that intersect at a right angle.
When the two quantities in a ratio have different units it is also known as a _____.
When Two rates are equal they form a ____ and are said to be proportional.
In the ____ Pair (5,4) the first number tells how far to the right and the second number tells how far to move up.
A____ can be drawn to show the relationship between two variables.
The two number lines that intersect at the origin.
A Value that does not change is called a _____.
Is a letter used to represent an unknown quantity.
Is a statement that two mathematical statements are equal.
is a constant or variable or the product or quotient of constants/ and or variables.
Where the axes intersect
If the output values are multiplied by the same factor repeatedly as the input values change by a fixed amount, there is a ______ relationship.
The name given to the four areas divided by the plane by the number lines
To calculate a ____change divide the amount of the change by the initial value.
Is a mathematical phrase with one or more terms separated with plus or minus signs.
To ___ a fraction, multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same nonzero number.
If the same value is repeatedly added or subtracted to the output values as the input values change by a fixed amount, there is a _____ relationship.
The branch of mathematics in which letters are used to represent numbers is called _____.
A comparison of two quantities that can be written as a fraction.