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Civil War Puzzle

Puzzle Type: Educational
Student: Stiles
This man was the V.P. for Abraham Lincoln
Told General Lee that he had no more division.
Who said plant corn and be free or plant cotton and be whipped
Maryland was under this law
The last name of the man who assassinated President Lincoln
These were the people who did secede from the United States
The name for this war
This man took over the Mississippi River
This was one of the names for the first battle of the war
This was the other name for the first battle of the war
President during this time period
This is one of many different names for the war
These people did not secede from the United States
Where General Lee and General Grant met to surrender
He referred to the Mississippi River as "the spinal column of America"
He was nicknamed "stonewall"
This was the Unions 4 step plan to winning the war
This General had a quote to "Stonewall" after he had been killed
Ran against Abraham Lincoln in the election of 1864
The confederacy had blockade________