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Greek & Latin Assessment

Teacher: Miss Weaver
To put ideas into writing to write a musical piece; to create or produce
Words expressing regret; words asking to be excused for an action
To raise or move to a higher grade, rank, or job; to advocate
To help someone calm down; to help someone settle down`
A word, name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy recognition
To do something that makes a person move into action
False name; a fictitious name
To bring forth ideas; to propose or present
The formation of words that imitate sounds associated with the objects or actions to which they refer
To move down in grade, rank, or status
Holding back on the final decision; uncertain; hesitant; not fully agreed upon
To put money into an account
Something that is a burden to someone else; to put you needs above someone else's to the point that it's a burden for others
A meeting, class, or assembly where a group sit together
To bring together information to reach a conclusion; guess
Something that holds something else in; a device that holds something in
A statement, thought, or action that is reasonable; words that make sense
Legal ownership of an invention held by the creator; exclusive right or ownership
Words that draw comparisons and similarities
A plan or offer that is usually put down in writing
To settle into a place to live; to exist
A home; a place where a person settles to live
A person hired to drive or bring someone to another location; a driver
Kind words spoken about a person who has passed away; high praise
The act of moving something away
To move up a step or level; to improve in quality
Hostile; pushy; stepping into someone's space with forceful energy
A period of time in which someone is held back; a form of punishment by holding someone after school hours
To hold; to have within
An abbreviation formed by combining the initial letters in words or parts of a series of words