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Science Chapter 6 Review

Teacher: MaryJo OKeefe
Any process that breaks rock into smaller pieces
The movement of water from Earths surface into the air and back again
A tool used for measuring the humidity of the air
When precipitation seeps into the ground
The change from liquid water to water vapor
Rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens
Rock that forms when sediments are pressed together and cemented
Rock that forms when existing rock is changed by heat and pressure
Natural, non-living material that makes up rocks
The change from a gas into a liquid
A solid feature of Earth's crust
A tool used to measure wind speed
The pattern of weather in a place over many years
A tool used for measuring temperature
Water that falls to Earth
Soil that contains a mixture of humus and mineral materials of sand, silt, and clay
A tool used to measure amount of rainfall
The movement of weathered material