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Legislative Vocabulary Crossword

Teacher: Dr. Comroe
A person cannot be charged with a crime "after the fact" when no law existed
A law that punished a person without a trail by jury
A court order that requires the police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why they are holding that person
Calling for a vote even when legislators want to debate it
Guides the senate in the absence of the vice-president
Changing congressional lines to suit one party over the other
People who speak for interest groups directly to legislators
Committee appointed by the presiding officers of each chamber to adjust differences on a particular bill passed by each in different form
Talk a bill to "death" so it cannot be voted on
The people government officials represent
A permanent committee in a house of Congress that continues it's work from session to session to make bills
The legislative leader selected by the majority party who helps plan party strategy, confers with other party leaders, and tries to keep members of the party in line
Congress people from both parties who address special concerns regarding the government
Leaders of a political party who are in charge of guiding bills and laws thru the Congress
The legislative leader selected by the minority party as spokesperson for the opposition.
A veto exercised by the president after Congress has adjourned; if the president takes no action for 10 days, the bill does not become law and does not return to Congress for possible override.