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science crossword

student: malik vestwalton
The outer most rigid layer of the earth that consists of the crust and uppermost part of the mantle
A rigid slab of the lithosphere that moves on top the asthenosphere
The plates slide past each other usually the site of earthquakes
The field that extends from earths interior due to the iron and nickel in the earths core
The boundary between two plates that move away from each other
The process of which new oceanic crust forms along mid ocean ridges and older oceanic crust moves away from the ridge
The middle layer of the earth that displays convection
The man who came up with the continental drift theory
The theory that the earths surface is broken into large rigid plates that move with respect to each other
The partially molten layer of the mantle on which tectonic plates of the lithosphere move
Two continents approach each other and collide
The central spherical part of earth
Name given to the super continent believed to have broken apart 2000 million years ago
The movement of earths continents over time
The thin outermost layer of the lithosphere
Two oceanic plates slide converse
When a more dense plate moves behind a less dense and more buoyant plate