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Earth Science Crossword

Author: Atquetzali Quiroz
A rift valley forms when two pieces of continental crust pull apart
An educated guess
A heat transfer by direct contact of particles of matter
Lower mantle, softer and can bend like plastic
A natural disaster caused by the breaking and moving of tectonic plates
Less dense made up of granite
Dense part of crust made up of basalt
A hypothesis that has been proven repetitively by experiments
Two continental plates collide forming a mountain range
Two plates slide past each other and cause faults and earthquakes
Made up of iron and magnesium, it is divided up into two parts
The transfer of energy through empty space
A heat transfer by the movement of a heated source
The theory that states that pieces of earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion driven by convection currents in the mantle
This layer is liquid and made up of iron
Evidence from rock samples they drill into holes into the earth's surface
Uppermost part of mantle, crunch layer
Densest layer, it is made up of solid iron and nickel
Seismic waves when earthquakes occur then they record the waves and how far they traveled
A crack in the earth's crust