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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Teacher: Sean Flannery
difficult to analyze, understand, or explain.
A celebration or commemoration of such a date.
To be particularly or exceptionally good.
to sleep, especially lightly.
so as to be worldly-wise; not naive.
A promise that something will occur.
Not fully grown or developed.
suffering from bad luck.
the capacity for vigorous activity; available power
A large animal with a trunk and large flapping ears.
a group of attendants or associates, as of a person of rank or importance:
Feeling resentment because of another's success.
oral communication between persons.
made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine.
Tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable
almost or nearly
to refer briefly to; name, specify, or speak of.
to bring vividly to the mind.
To fill up space.
adequate; fair; passable: