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Before the French Revolution

Teacher: Mr. Dengler
Meetings to discuss exciting new ideas
Largest city in France
A monarch that came from Austria
A craftsperson
Method used by French Philosophes to explain the world
Came to power in 1774
Money shortage after paying bills
A situation in which the price of goods rose quickly
A vast palace was built in this village
"I am the nation" in French
A staple for most French people's diet
Working/low class members of 17th Century French society
Louis XIV's nickname (2 words)
A belief that knowledge equates to experience
French society was arranged like this shape
Marie Antoinette was involved in the affair of the ____________ (2 words)
A time period that reflected new emerging ideas (2 words)
Louis XVI did not have the qualities of a __________ (2 words)
Middle class members of 17th Century French Society
The most famous French philosophe
Money or crops given to the church, usually 10% of what was grown/earned