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VOCABULARY: Intro-Chapter 3

Control of a large amount of the world's media by a few transnational companies.
Collective identity of a group of people who speak the same language.
Person or figure whose image is known to millions of people.
Case Study on hybridization.
Policy that supports respect for a diversity of cultures.
Dimension of Globalization: Process of world trading networks.
Process by which the world's citizens are becoming increasingly interconnected to and dependent on one another.
Case Study on dimensions of Globalization.
One company hiring another company to fulfill certain tasks in production.
Clothing, jewelry, tattoos.
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
Mixing of identities and cultures in new and different ways.
Trendy clothes, words, music, movies, TV shows etc.
People who have access to technology versus people who don't.
Number of CAVCO points needed for a production to be considered "Canadian".
Case Study on collective identity.
Type of identity where a group uses common characteristics and values to define themselves.
Making adjustments or reaching compromises to allow for differences.
Company that operates in two or more countries.
Spread of pop culture around the world.
Mass communication such as newspapers and TV.
Dimension of Globalization: Process by which political decisions and and actions are becoming increasingly international.
"Canadian Content"
Dimension of Globalization: Process by which people's lifestyles spread over global networks.
Type of identity where people use characteristics and values to define themselves.
Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office.