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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Lessons 11-15: Doubling rule, Prefix de--, Suffixes --ly, --ful, --en, --age, --al

Spelling Mastery Level C - Lesson 51: Teacher: Gemma Keremedjiev
Have you seen the new movie ___ your favorite actor?
The car ___ office is closed.
The eye ___ will help you put some drops in your eyes.
We spent a ___ week on vacation.
We can ___ the color on the walls to make the room more cozy.
A morphograph that means "how something is"
Are the ___ dry yet?
Sending a gift was such a ___ thing to do.
A morphograph that means "down or away from"
A morphograph that means "full of"
I'd enjoy making a pencil ___ of these mountains.
If you write too ___ we won't be able to read it.
A wedding is a very ___ occasion.
The spider was ___ its web.
A morphograph that means "that which is" (just like NESS does!)
Can you ___ this word?
It will ___ Mom to hear this bad news.
She's living at a ___ address now.
The search party found the ___ of the sunken ship
The ice cream treat was a ___!
There's a ___ at the front desk for you.
Let's go ___ the carnival and try all the rides.
A morphograph that means "related to"
___ the air in the room by opening the window.
Please walk ___ down the hall.
A morphograph that means "make"