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Cell Division

Occurs during meiosis when there is an exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes
A newly developing cell wall in a dividing plant cell
Cell division resulting in four genetically different cells
Anything that can cause a mutation
Union of egg and sperm cells resulting in a complete set of chromosomes
Three cells formed during oogenesis that never develop into egg cells
Function or purpose for doing meiosis
Form of nondisjunction that results in cells with too many chromosomes
Division of the cytoplasm
Picture of chromosomes arranged with homologs and by size
Mutation that occurs when part of the chromosome is missing
Pairing of homologous chromosomes during meiosis
Formation of sperm cells
Structures in animal cells that help to move chromosomes around
The formation of either egg or sperm cells during meiosis
Cell formed by the union of sperm and egg
A mutation that occurs when part of a chromosome is in reverse order
Blood, bone, muscle, skin, cells
Form of nondisjunction that results in cells with too few chromosomes
When part of a chromosome occurs more than once
Formation of egg cells
Cell division resulting in two genetically identical cells
Egg and sperm cells