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civil war

Author: Michael Centarri III
Big war in Tennessee.
Was captured by the union to end the war
Big war in Mississippi
A battle in south Carolina were confederate won.
Human rights leader that was with the anti-slavery.
16th president in united states.
One of the issues that started the civil war. Also known for in the south.
Considered the most successful general of confederate army.
He effectively ended the civil war, by winning the appomatoxx court house.
A army in the civil war that starts with C.
A army in the civil war that starts with U.
Began april 12th ended may 9th 1865.
A woman who led enslaved slaves to freedom.
Swords and sabers.
Was known for speed and elusiveness.
Big war in Virginia.
One of the bloodest wars.
Fought really good in the battle of bull run, until got shot by friendly fire.
Remembered for the most bloodiest assault of battle on Gettysburg day 3.
Was known for his reconnaissance.