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Blue 27 - Greek & Latin roots

Teacher: Jamie
Greek for 'small'
Exaggerate or say things are far better than it really is.
An electronic network (like the internet) used to quickly transfer a lot of information.
A very large city
A place where you can buy a HUGE amount of different things.
A large, very busy road.
Greek for 'great'
Part of your mind that acts as your conscience and tells you right from wrong.
A type of oven that quickly heats up water in food.
The 'brains' of a computer
If things can hurt you that would not normally hurt most people.
A cone shaped device made to make your voice louder.
Latin for 'over' or 'beyond'.
A fictional character with special powers (like superman).
A very popular song, movie, book etc.
A unit of memory storage in computers
A very famous person
A device used to make very small things appear bigger - so we can see them.
When you cannot keep still and have to keep moving.
A tiny piece of material used to make a circuit in a computer.
Breathe quickly and deeply to get more air into the lungs.
A tiny living organism - like a bacteria.
Having an operation with small holes made in your body and not being cut wide open.
What you speak or sing into, which changes sound into electricity - which is then made louder through a speaker.
Having special abilities or powers - IN REAL LIFE!
Greek for 'over' or 'beyond'.