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The Louisiana Purchase

Teacher: William Eosso
The name of the group of 31 men who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition were known as the Corps of ____________
He was Jefferson's friend and personal secretary who led the expedition of the Louisiana Territory. Hint: Meriwether _______
This man was sent to France to close the deal on the purchase of the port of New Orleans. He later became our 5th President. Hint: James ________
These were used by Lewis and Clark to record important information about the expedition and were sealed in waterproof containers.
The Louisiana Purchase __________ the size of the U.S. during Jefferson's Presidency.
The name of the territory bought from France from Napoleon Bonaparte.
The port that Thomas Jefferson wanted to purchase from France for up to $10 million was the Port of ______ ________
The main river that was used to ship goods to the Port of New Orleans and then to the cities on the East Coast and Europe.
A large area of land that has common features that set it apart from other areas.
The U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory for approximately ______ million dollars.
One of the main goals Jefferson suggested for the expedition was to find a _______ _______ to the Pacific Ocean.
This was the major river that Lewis and Clark used to travel Northwest on their journey. Hint: Not the Mississippi
This Native American woman helped Lewis and Clark make friends with American Indians they met along the expedition.
A journey made for a special purpose.
The rugged stretch of land near the Appalachian Mountains.
He was friends of Meriwether Lewis who helped lead the expedition of the Louisiana Territory. Hint: William _______
This is the major mountain range that the Corps of Discovery needed horses to cross. The _______ Mountains.