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Chemical Texture Chapter 18

Instructor: Cathy Coffer
Technique used to perm long hair
Chemical Side Bonds
Straightens curly hair
This type of perm has to have an outside heat source (hooded dryer)
ATG is the active ingriedient in this type of relaxer or permanent wave
Stops the action of the wave solution and rebuilds the side bonds
Adding an activator (oxidizing agent, usually hydrogen peroxide) to this type of perm creates it own heat
Diameter of a single strand of hair (Course, Medium, or Fine)
A perm rod that is smaller in the center and increases in diameter on both outer ends.
Hydrogen Peroxide is used to neutralize the thio and reform the disulfide bonds
Quantity of hydrogen ions
This ion that is the active ingriedient in many relaxers (except thio)
Chemically curls straight hair
This type of perm is wrapped from ends to scalp.
The ability of hair to hold moisture
Indicates the strength of the side bonds
Ammonium Thioglycolate
The layer of the hair where reduction takes place and the disulfide bonds are broken
A chemical reaction caused by the addition of hydrogen
Abbreviation for Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur